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Hello guys, I created this journal to inform you about the beginning of The Essence, the project on which: icontompengpengpeng: tompengpengpeng and I are working on. We have just started, but we're both working hard to continue it.
In the gallery of tompengpengpeng:…
you can find the prologue of the project (I even link you the first pic:…
Ok I think this is all, so see you soon and remember to go see The Essence.

Mmmm. I do not know why but I feel like I have already written these things, but then... AH! Now I remember, I had written this in the description of the fifth episode of the special episode of Kleo and Jessy to thank you all, but how can I say... Let's say that it was conveniently placed outside of the gate of Deviantart.
Eeeeeeeeeeh. What now? Well I think I will publish the special ep on pixiv (this, however, has very little sense. I mean to say thank to the users of deviantart, I public images on another site... O.o).
For the gif, I will complete it, but of course I'll have to post it on photobucket and pixiv (at this point I will make it more naughty ;) ).
Now, the last problem is Kleo.... She didn't take this news so well.
I think that soon we will hear her.

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